Why VO ?

Because Astronomy is awash with data, observed and simulated, and thousands of discoveries are lost in a heap of underexploited data!
The Virtual Observatory is a way to paint a new scenery!

The VO worldwide effort

The Virtual Observatory is the vision that astronomical datasets distributed worldwide and related resources should work as a seamless whole.

In much the same way as a real observatory consists of telescopes, each with a collection of unique astronomical instruments, the VO consists of a collection of data centers each with its unique collections of astronomical data, software systems and processing capabilities.

The main goal is to allow transparent and distributed access to data available worldwide. This allows scientists to discover, access, analyze, and combine nature and lab data from heterogeneous data collections in a user-friendly manner.

Many projects and data centers worldwide are working towards this goal. Would you like to join us?

BRAVO is a member of the International Virtual Observatory Alliancebravo ivoa